Vacation Edition!

As I’m sitting here writing this post (with a beer in hand. Haha!), I’ve been outside playing soccer with my daughters, checking out the chickens, bunnies, and hanging out with my family! I’m away on vacation before the school year starts! 

Normally, I get away earlier in the year, but this summer has been a little bit hectic with festival season back in full tilt, and new extra-curricular activities as my girls grow up. 

My vacations have changed significantly over the years. I used to bring a few horns, and made sure that my practicing was consistent throughout the vacation. Typically, I would have a small suitcase for a week, my instruments (tenor, clarinet, and flute at the time), hop the Greyhound, or Via Rail, and figure out the rest of the details when I got to my destination. Now, it’s pool toys, bikes, golf clubs, more than one suitcase (I have two amazing, young daughters) in my own car with rest stops, and still I bring a horn or two, but the practicing priorities have changed.

I have found an incredible amount of value in embracing my surroundings, and taking advantage of inspiration that comes from non-musical experiences – hanging out with family members, day trips, and taking in life in a different part of the country, are all releases from the rush of the music world. While I don’t spend as much time on my instruments as I normally would, all of these other experiences enhance the time I have an instrument on my face. It’s also great to be in a totally different space than my own.

Today, I practiced in the screened in gazebo, which was windy, but also made me think about my flute sound differently.

In March, I had a call and response with some chickens. I had been off of the horn for about six or seven days at this point, forgive the vacation chops.

At the end of the day, the break in my regular day-to-day practicing is refreshing. I’m grateful when I get to my instruments, but I’m not heartbroken if it doesn’t happen every day. Sometimes it’s nice to take in your surroundings, and have a beer! Cheers!

Published by richpagemusic251

Richard Page is a freelance woodwind artist from Ottawa, Canada.

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